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Future Lions 2019: Berghs' shortlisted students

The shortlisted nominations in this year's AKQA Future Lions in Cannes have now been announced. Here is a complete list of the Berghs' student entries to have made it to the top 50.

Written by David Lindh
June 4, 2019

Hey Google, Take Action!

Copywriters - Maja Stampe, Daga Simonsson, Emma Björnwall
Art Director - Sofia Gustafsson

Google Street Stories

Art Director - Sofia Gustafsson
Copywriter - Noah Bramme
Designer - Rikard Köhler

Nintendo 65+

Group: Marcus Hune, Joakim Holmer, Ashkin Shamei, Helena Sjökvist, Minea Lagestam, Saga Stemme, Stephanie Matti, Frida Oihane Sarashi Nilsson

Command Control

Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll

Feel the Game

Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll