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Berghs students top the ranks at the 2019 Young Ones Awards

Berghs’ students were big winners at this year’s Young Ones Student Awards – the One Show – sweeping up no fewer than 17 awards. In addition, Berghs was the school with the most winning entries within the Young Ones Brief category. Read on to find out more about this year’s competition and the winning entries.

The Young Ones is the student section of the One Show, a globally acclaimed competitive award ceremony within the communication industry. Every year, the show receives hundreds of entries from students and schools around the world. Students may compete in a number of different categories, and prizes are awarded in the form of a pencil when competing in the Young Ones Brief and Portfolio competition (gold, silver, bronze), and in the form of a cube when competing in the Art Directors Club (gold, silver, bronze). The following list contains all competing Berghs' student groups.

Winning groups and entries:

The Power of Words


Group: Vera Perlmann, Rebecca von Matérn, Lovisa Swärdh

Category: Pencil

Pursue The Truth


Group: Andreas Karlsson, Noah Bramme, Rikard Köhler

Category: Pencil

39 855 Reasons


Group: Andreas Karlsson, Noah Bramme, Lukas Andersson

Category: Pencil

High on Brooks


Group: Andreas Karlsson, Erik Bejmar, Noah Bramme, Christoffer Lind

Category: Client Pitch

From One Bud to Another


Group: Maja Stampe, Daga Simonsson, Sofia Gustafsson

Category: Pencil

Find a Bud


Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll.

Category: Pencil

Flip the Search


Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll, Daga Simonsson, Georg Sandman

Category: Pencil

Soul King


Group: Teodor Fjäll, Viktor Einarsson, Tina Jansson, Ellen Althén.

Category: Pencil

Who made this ad?


Group: Viktor Einarsson, Teodor Fjäll, Mathilda Blomquist

Category: Cube

Google Street Stories


Group: Sofia Gustafsson, Noah Bramme, Rikard Köhler

Category: Cube

Dove Dad + Baby


Group: Inez Härneman, Josefine Brangstrup Erikson, Kim Missler, Rikard Köhler

Category: Client Pitch

The Brooks Way


Group: David Lie, Anna Thofte, Signe Belfiore, Erik Nyström

Category: Pencil

Viktor Einarsson and Teodor Fjäll was awarded gold in Young Ones Portfolio - an award where the students entry their portfolio work to be judged by a jury.