Inside the Creative Journey: Developing skills in Berghs’ Advanced Advertising Program

Berghs School of Communication offers a variety of top-notch courses in advertising, design, and communication. One of their most intensive courses is Advanced Advertising, which focuses on providing students with an intensive exploration of art direction, copywriting, and strategy. Let’s dive deeper into the curriculum of the program and find out what specific skills the students have already been picking up.

April 14, 2023

Art Direction

Morgane, France

We had exciting classes with our lecturer Teodor Hässler, who introduced the core knowledge of what will make our portfolios outstanding. For me, edition storytelling and motion graphics/storyboard/script were the lectures that helped me the most. I was able to learn to be incisive and impactful in my scripts and above all to get to the point. As a designer, I tend to overdo it sometimes and the balance between creation and writing is not so easy. Thanks to these courses I was able to learn how to synthesize an idea to make a more dynamic version.

One of my teachers in France, (shoutout to Stephane Jacmet) taught us that the most important thing for a creative is the idea bin that will allow us to find the right idea. With the art direction module here at Berghs, we were able to use this artistic bin for a "good idea". It is true, as Teodor Hässler taught us that sometimes knowing how to channel a good idea is as important as all the ideas we can have. I'll end with this: Edison once said “I never once failed at making a light bulb. I just found out 99 ways not to make one.”

Giulia, Italy

So far, we worked on developing skills in motion graphics and print design. During the course, we picked up some useful techniques to apply across various software. These tips can be very useful when working on projects with tight deadlines! Additionally, we gained insight into various industries, including publishing and video production. 

We had several classes where we had the opportunity to work with the “holy set” of every designer — the Adobe Suite. Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are the “magic trio”:) I particularly enjoy working with Premiere Pro for video editing. 

For me, these classes are interesting not just for learning how to use software programs, but also for gaining fresh perspectives from professionals in various sectors, such as creative directors. They are always willing to provide valuable feedback that can bring your projects and portfolio to the next level!


Valeriia, Ukraine

We had a chance to work with fantastic creative director Isak Landaboure who literally threw us into the ocean of conceptual and creative writing. The classes were super fun yet extremely useful. Each time Isak would come up with a different topic to help us develop our writing skills and spur imagination.

We created different kinds of copy: from writing email templates in various tones of voice to making scripts for case studies. Of course, what is a course without generating ideas? We would often team up and go fully into brainstorming mode to come up with some spectacular insights.

Cecilia, Italy

This module has been really interesting so far. The thing I’m loving the most is being just with copywriters and doing lessons with professionals. The sessions are much more “intimate” and we’re learning A LOT of new stuff.


Sarah-Lucie, France

It's great for us students to see how the same subject can be taught differently. Tobias' and David's approaches are complementary and it broadens our range of knowledge.

We managed to develop our strategic thinking around positioning and studied the importance of focusing on the needs of the consumer.

These two kinds of teaching and the tools that are given within them will be of great help in the future.

Emmanuelle, France

We study brand strategy, which is far from boring as some may assume! We explore how to shape the future of brands and bring to life the world of tomorrow they aspire to create. Brand strategy is more than just analysis; it involves a deep understanding of the target audience to develop creative reflections and campaigns that align with the brand's vision and consumer expectations.

We delve into the foundations of impactful communication campaigns and learn about the tools we can use to connect with customers. Our teacher explains to us how to consider questions such as who our target audience is, why they should care about our brand, where and when we need to be available to them, and what competing offers we are up against. This class takes us through both the analytical and research-driven phase, as well as the creative and inspiration-driven phase.

*Written by Advanced Student Valeriia Hrinchenko