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Multitaskers: Students energise degree and pro bono projects

This is it! Our grad students are in their final project. But this year, there's a twist. They'll carry out two tasks in parallel; a degree project and a pro bono assignment. We've closely collaborated with Giva Sverige for many years. We're happy to expand that this year with the Norrsken Foundation. We've focused on things that offer the best value from the power and energy of a Berghs student team.

This year's format

Every year, students have a final assignment where they work in teams with a customer and a brand. Each interdisciplinary group is made of seven to eight people with a wide range of expertise.

The companies that have chosen to challenge their communication with this year’s degree project range from large Swedish industries, retailers, consulting companies and community organisations. This year, another 22 pro bono assignments were added: Friluftsfrämjandet, Just arrived, Civil Right Defenders, RFSL, RFSU, Skålen, OCD-förbundet, Lockero, Mypick, Volta Greentech, Pratham Sweden, The Hunger Project, She for She, Ung Cancer, Mealsizer, Barnfonden, Chaintraced, Relate, Astma och allergiförbundet, Insamlingsstiftelsen Njurfonden, KFUM, and Krafthem.

"With everything going on in the world and knowing how much it affects individuals as well as companies, we have wanted to add extra value by enabling a large number of pro bono assignments for our students' final projects. As a Berghs' alumni, it's fantastic that students get to broaden their horizons with this year's focus on two assignments," says Lina Kellgren, Berghs' marketing manager.

"The fact that so many of our member organisations this year get the chance to take part in these pro-bono assignments is incredibly valuable. For small non-profit organisations, the access to the knowledge, creativity and innovation of Berghs students offers an opportunity to create relevant communication. it can be of real strategic importance, and it's something that most organisations couldn't do otherwise." Says Charlotte Rydh, Secretary-General of Giva Sweden.

"Over the past year, Bergh's students have repeatedly shown an enormous empathic ability in the projects we've been involved in. That's a crucial part of the creative process. There's been a desire to understand the purpose of the briefs, buy into the situation, make small problems a prime condition, and create accordingly. We have seen deliveries with real strategic understanding and creative rigour. We look forward to more and more collaborations in the future!" Says Nina Wenström, Head of Design Norrsken Foundation.

"The collaboration with Berghs is fantastic for our impact startups at Norrsken! Several of them have been looking for a way to take their marketing to the next level. Being assigned a group of skilled communicators from Berghs is invaluable to many of our startups and enables them to have even more positive impact". Says Oskar Malm Wiklund, Member Experience & Tech Norrsken Foundation

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