Why a Communication School is Launching a Program in Urban Design

In the spring of 2023, Berghs School of Communication introduced its new initiative in the field of urban design and planning, launching several new courses for professionals. Now we are launching the full-time program Urban Designer, starting in August 2024. But why would a communication school choose to launch education in the field of urban design and planning? We asked Berghs’ CEO Camilla Wallander and Head of Faculty Marie Alani.

November 23, 2023

Why would a communication school choose to launch a full-time education in urban design?

There is an increased demand for expertise in urban planning and urban design, especially related to all crucial issues concerning sustainability and safety. To meet the needs of the job market, we will now offer a 1.5-year full-time program where students gain relevant knowledge and are trained to have a curious and exploratory mindset. For Berghs, it is also about providing more extended career opportunities. We want to attract students interested in design and societal development.

How did you come up with the idea to launch this program?

Urban design and communication are closely related because the design of the urban environment has a communicative dimension. Berghs sees the potential in integrating communication and design to create more effective and attractive places and cities. With over 80 years of experience in education, we want to use our expertise to design a unique education tailored to the industry's needs.

What prerequisites are required to enroll in the program?

There are no formal requirements. We see it as an asset to attract applicants with a broad profile and diverse experiences and perspectives. Applicants may have basic knowledge in subjects such as urban development, architecture, urban planning, or related areas. It can also be advantageous to have creative and analytical abilities and an interest in societal development.

What are the job prospects after completing the program?

They are promising, as there is a significant need to develop new areas in both small and large cities in coming years. Urban designers can find jobs in both the public sector, such as municipalities, and private consulting firms working on urban development. They can be involved in projects ranging from establishing new areas to repurposing existing buildings and gathering places. Since urban design is a versatile field, there may be various career opportunities, both nationally and internationally.

Berghs' full-time program, Urban Designer, focuses on the human perspective throughout the problem-solving process. The program teaches students how to develop strategies and solutions contributing to sustainable cities, as well as project and process management to lead innovation work. 

Applications for Urban Designer open in January 2024, and the program begins in August.