We offer a number of different workshop formats in the areas of creativity, innovation and on the communication challenges of the future. A workshop can span over a couple of hours focusing on a specific theme or area, related to one or several of the challenges your organization faces. Berghs also provides a process facilitator. The facilitators we work with are specialized and active in their area of expertise, which guarantees a solid reality-based perspective. Our facilitators are skilled educators with a thorough experience of teaching.

What you get:

In addition to the workshop, you get training in Berghs’ Canvas – a powerful tool you can use internally or together with clients.

What’s so special about a Berghs’ Canvas Workshop?

The advantages of a tailored Canvas Workshop are many. We start with a visually customizable format, centered on the client and the real world, which is crucial for a successful strategy process and in active work with insights. Under the guidance of a certified process facilitator, we strive to create clarity – a foundation for all communication.

Berghs’ Canvas Workshop – WHY

Simon Sinek’s TED talk “Start With Why” has inspired company leaders all over the world. We have developed a Canvas Workshop starting with a single question: why?

Berghs’ Canvas Workshop – Brand

A vital brand is everything in business, especially in a time that demands transparency and authenticity. During this workshop we identify the core of your brand – your soul – in order to amplify it to the world.

Berghs’ Canvas Workshop – Innovation

Everyone is talking about innovation, but the traditional way of working with innovation often entails high risk and high costs. During this workshop, we identify viable and sustainable business models connected to low risk and minimized budget.

Berghs’ Canvas Workshop – Culture

Organizational culture can both help and hinder innovative business models. During this workshop, we create awareness of a sustainable organisational culture that supports a viable business climate – a basis in developing both co-workers as well as business ideas.

Berghs’ Canvas Workshop – Idea

Release your imagination, evaluate new trends and welcome new ideas. This workshop identifies and increases quality in new, unexplored business ideas based on the fact that we create ideas from what we know, but the most exciting innovations emerge when two completely separate worlds meet.

Berghs’ Canvas – Relations

Good relations are the foundation of fruitful collaboration and business development. This workshop aims to develop and deepen the relationship with both existing and new clients. We introduce tools that help foster effective communication with clients, users and stakeholders in relevant channels.

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