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Art Direction

Get new skills - and a strong portfolio piece - to move your career towards Art Direction. This course is designed for young advertising creatives. It covers the essentials of Art Direction and it pushes you to produce, curate and present creative work to your best potential.

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Brand Strategy

Learn how to develop, focus and execute brand strategies that integrate business, creative and technological perspectives. This fast-track, part-time course teaches you brand modeling techniques, tools, and practical applications.

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Content Marketing

This course is designed for future content managers and offers a foundation in content strategy, a toolbox for content production and a practical case to apply knowledge to. You learn how to plan and produce good content and understand how to measure and improve your content value and performance.

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CRM and Customer Journey

Learn the latest about customer journey, CRM, and marketing automation. Re-direct your career or set up your own company for success through classes, case studies, and practical exercises. The course uses real business cases and walks you through all market leaders' tools. So you can learn what's what and choose what's right for you.

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UX and Digital Product Design

Gain solid UX-knowledge quickly with the goal of starting or advancing your UX career.

This comprehensive online course offers a balanced mix of learning the fundamental UX approaches, and immediate practical application. You will be using industry-relevant methods and remote collaboration tools. You learn and practice both individually and with other peers building UX skills that you can immediately apply at a job.

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UX Writing

Learn how to craft words that make things happen. This course is designed to give you the knowledge, practical skills, and confidence to master the basics of UX writing.

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Creative Boot Camp

Berghs Creative Boot Camp is an intensive 72-hour creative work. And it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s made for people who are hungry for new tools and want to build their creative skills and confidence for the future. It’s designed to challenge your mind and body — and to make both stronger.

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"Deep digging into the design process with big variety (of applications) depending on the task/product"
UX and Digital Product Design
"Quick dive into a subject many designers would need to know more about. "
UX writing

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Course Directors

Nicole Michaelis

Course Director, Content Marketing
A copywriter and content strategist. She specialises in tech, her work is both creative and data-driven. Originally from New York and Berlin, she now runs her own independent studio in Stockholm helping international brands to tell stories that matter to them and their audience.
rob scotland

Rob Scotland

Course Director, Brand Strategy
Rob is the Head of Brand Marketing at Veo, a sports-tech startup. For over a decade, he has worked as a brand consultant together with leading adverting agencies and multi-national brands. Rob is based in Copenhagen and has business in the UK and the USA. He is an experienced instructor, a proud TED Talk alumnus, and a former amateur American Football player and coach.

Jane Ruffino

Course Director, UX Writing

A content designer, UX writer, strategist, and researcher based in Stockholm, Sweden. With her content design studio, Character, she helps clients of all sizes use language to shape products and services. Her professional experience includes documentary production, journalism, content strategy, adult education, and design practice. Jane is a frequent speaker and workshop facilitator at conferences and events around Europe, and she’s completing her doctorate in the archaeology of digital worlds.

Oscar Wickman

Course Director, Art Direction for Advertising

Oscar Wickman has spent his career working in the agency and tech world of San Francisco. He is specialized in Art Direction and Creative Direction working with clients such as Activision, Levi’s, Samsung and Playstation.

Lucas Galceran

Course Director, CRM and Customer Journey

Lucas Galceran is a digital marketing consultant. He specializes in marketing automation and his work is performance-driven and innovative. Originally from Barcelona, he runs his own consultancy firm from Zurich, helping brands define and implement their digital strategy.

Andreas Conradi

Course Director, UX and Digital Product Design

Andreas consults on all aspects of digital products, from definition to production for clients in public health, retail and finance. Currently, he is building highly collaborative, cross-functional teams around lean product initiatives. Occasionally he is teaching at King’s College London and Berghs School of Communication. As a proud dad of 3, he’s curious and optimistic for the world. Now more than ever, he’s eager to create positive change for people and business.