5 Reasons to Study Abroad in Sydney

Studying abroad in Australia is the adventure of a lifetime. By choosing Sydney as your temporary home Down Under, you can make the switch from big-city student to beach explorer at a moment’s notice. While Australia’s largest city is known for its laid-back vibes, Sydney is also the country’s economic centre where job opportunities abound during and after your studies.

1. Big City Meets Nature in One Stunning Package

Whether you’re in the mood to bum it on Bondi Beach or take a breather in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney’s coastal location offers a huge variety of unbeatable nature you need to see to believe. Once you’re done hanging with Mother Nature, the 5 million person-strong metropolis awaits you with endless bars, restaurants, arts and culture to explore.  

2. Diversity is Around Every Corner 

With an estimated 360,000 international students studying in New South Wales every year and a large number of those landing in Sydney, by studying abroad here you’ll be joining a broad community of students from all over the world. Add to that the fact that 30% of Sydney’s population is born outside Australia, students of all backgrounds can feel welcome in this multicultural megacity. 

3. Sunshine (Almost) All Year Round 

Winter in July? Summer in December? It might take a while to wrap your head around the Australian seasons, but in the meantime you can lay back and enjoy the sunshine pretty much all year round! With Sydney’s average winter temperature topping out at 18ºC, and the average summer temperature nearing 26ºC, you can leave your winter jacket at home when heading on your study abroad adventure. 

4. Jobs All Over the Place! 

In Australia, job creation is on the rise and unemployment is on the decline. Moreover, in Sydney, media and communication is expected to be one of the top drivers of the city’s economy within the next few years. Couple this with the 20 hours a week you can work as an international student during your studies and your opportunities for career growth are as sunny as the weather!

design in Sydney

5. The University  

Hip, intimate, and obsessed with design. With a history dating back to the 1800s, Billy Blue College of Design is one of Australia’s most prominent design schools. With industry leaders as instructors and real-world briefs as your class projects, improved design skills and industry connections go hand in hand at this Aussie institution. During its first year the school had twelve students, while today Billy Blue is one of Australia’s leading schools of design with close to 750 students. Billy Blue’s brand new campus is located in Ultimo, central Sydney.