Johan Berglund is leading the way forward for Berghs’ innovative program Urban Designer

Berghs School of Communication  is breaking new ground with the new full-time studies program Urban Designer to meet current and future challenges in urban planning and design. Johan Berglund is the new Program Director. Johan is an architect and co-founder of CAMPUS who works with many interesting destination and urban development projects. His international background from Bartlett School of Architecture in London, where spent 11 years leading successful design studios after his graduation from the school, has provided him with the experience and network that is needed for the role as Program Director.

An important aspect of Berghs’ development of the program is to create collaboration between disciplines to ensure that societal problems are not solved in silos. Another important aspect is to include cases in all parts of the program as well as a diversity of perspectives by including many lecturers from different backgrounds. Berghs is hoping to get a wide range of backgrounds among applicants, such as an interest or experience of design, entrepreneurship, urban development, politics, communication, project management, etc. The program is a future-oriented education both in form and professional role.

Berghs’ Urban Designer program represents a new era in education for sustainable urban planning and design. It is a response to a growing global demand for educated professionals who can navigate the complex world of modern urbanism. The professional role as urban designer is already established internationally but is still relatively new on the Swedish market.

“This program isn’t only a response to the current demand but also an investment in a professional role that we think will be necessary to shape future sustainable cities. Together with Johan Berglund, and his understanding of urban design from a leading architect school, we aim to set a new standard for how we educate future urban designers,” says Camilla Wallander, Berghs’ CEO.

The program is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of urban design, from human-centered design to sustainable strategies and innovation management.

“Being a part of Berghs and this program is a fantastic opportunity to apply my international experience on the Swedish market. I look forward to inspiring, motivating, and preparing a new generation of urban designers with the tools to tackle challenges of the future with a combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge,” says Johan Berglund, CAMPUS.

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