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Portfolio courses: Advanced Advertising & Advanced Design

Are you a senior student creative? Take an Advanced Course within your area of expertise – both featuring a range of subjects, including ideation, prototyping, UX, and pitch techniques. With a broad scope by design, the course was well-received by participants from all over the world – not only Europe, but also Canada, Australia, and South Korea. Choose between Advertising and Design.

Berghs Advanced Certificates offers working with integrated disciplines, practical projects, real briefs, and problem-solving.

Advanced Advertising

The course offers elective tracks in Art Direction, Copywriting, and Account Planning. Deeply immersing students into the modern advertising world at both a high level and pace, the course asks students to apply their newfound knowledge to a large number of briefs – both fictive and real. Better still, students not only develop their skills but create a portfolio while learning, something they can take directly into their new career upon graduation. An advanced course for international students, this program is designed for those with an academic background in advertising and/or design, good writing and/or design skills, and experience working in groups on short deadlines.

Advanced Design

In this course, students choose to specialize in either Communication Design or Motion Design. Presented with a vast range of projects, students test their design skills, develop portfolio pieces, and learn how to collaborate across disciplines. Designed for postgraduate students with sufficient design skills, this course offers a deep immersion into design at a high level and pace.