Berghs Students Crowned World Champions in Young Glory Competition

young glory max och nicolas

On April 18th, Berghs alumni Max Anderholm and Nicolas Lindberg were crowned student champions in the Young Glory creative competition. After tallying the final results, the pair took home an impressive three golds, two bronze and eight so-called ‘finalist’ wins. We sat down with the duo to talk about their process, creative competitions and how their education played a role in their success.

Written by Max Maccarone
April 18, 2023

What is your ‘secret sauce’ for success in creative competitions?

“A genuine interest in the world and a never-ending curiosity. Maybe even the ability to see what kind of ideas will succeed or not”, says Max.

You must have been completely exhausted after delivering on the eight briefs, how did you manage to get through the process?

“Not really. Since our program at Berghs basically worked in the same way as the competition (but with shorter deadlines), we were already in the same workflow and mindset. The most exhausting part was waiting for the results of each round”, says Nicolas.

Do you have any advice for next year's students in light of their upcoming competition period?

“Don't forget to have fun! Is your idea so twisted that it makes you laugh? Submit it. In Young Glory, quantity can make a difference. Since you don't know what kind of ideas the individual judges might like, try to submit cases for all 8 briefs. In this particular competition put your energy into ideas and storytelling, not the craft/execution”, says Max.

And finally, how do you think your time at Berghs helped you prepare for competitions?  

“It would have been difficult to succeed without our Art Director/Copywriter program, where we really focused on ways of working and how to arrive at a good idea. We also studied with so many talented people, giving us lots of inspiration and motivation, says Nicolas.

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*Young Glory is an international creative competition that awards prizes for creative consistency. There are eight briefs judged by eight different distinguished judges over eight months. Students and professionals compete each month in different categories to win gold, silver, bronze or finalist awards.