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Advanced Digital Marketing

This intense 15-week IRL program is laser-focused on getting you the Digital Marketing portfolio you need to get where you want to go in your career. It’s an excellent way to prove to yourself and the industry that you’re ready to step up and take a bold new direction. All with a focus on ideas, insights, and analytics for Digital Marketing.

Program Overview

Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing consists of classes, coaching sessions, individual and group work, and more than fifteen briefs to furnish your portfolio. This program is perfect for international students with previous studies or experience in communications, advertising, or marketing – who want to work professionally in English as a Digital Marketer.

Your core focus will be on Digital Marketing. From the importance of clarity and focus, to being exposed to a range of Digital Marketing tools and understanding the importance of measurement and analytics to inform new marketing activity. And from understand consumer behaviour across digital platforms, to looking for trends and patterns that can form strategic and creative springboards. 

We do it the Berghs way. This means we focus on Action-Based Learning, and you learn by applying Digital Marketing to all kinds of projects. It also means the program offers deep collaboration by bringing people with a passion and curiosity for communication from all over the world, to work together across multiple disciplines within communication. It’s the best way to prepare both your professional skills, and your portfolio, that takes you places.

The middle of Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing program is an intensive six weeks designed to refine your skills in Digital Marketing as your core professional focus. Your portfolio must reflect considerable professional abilities, and this is where you get to deep dive into your domain.

So, you’ll dive into the crafts of Digital Marketing – from the principles of marketing in the digital world, to setting up ongoing campaigns to measure and improve their performance. Module 2 is heavier on individual assignments and gives you many opportunities to talk to professional Digital Marketers to ask any questions about the industry. 

Great Digital Marketing doesn’t happen in a bubble. That’s why much of our Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing program puts you with other ambitious students across a wide range of communicators, such as Copywriters, Designers, Art Directors, Public Relations, and Strategists. The benefits are enormous. You’ll see marketing challenges from new perspectives and learn to work creatively and collaboratively throughout the process – a key ingredient of outstanding Digital Marketing. 

Intro Week

For many students, Berghs feels like a new planet (in a good way). So, we prepare you with important self-leadership and teamwork skills. You’ll also survey the leading trends in communication and understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in your work and your workplace. But it’s not all talk. You’ll also get your first two projects to work on, so you start thinking and analysing right away.

Module 1: Problem, Insight, Solution

Over five weeks, you work in groups individually on many briefs and learn about problem framing, insight generation, message development, and creative execution. At the end of the module, you master the ideation process and produce and present better ideas faster and more consistently. You also learn to rapidly iterate your work while becoming better at giving and receiving feedback and how to pitch ideas powerfully. This module is designed to give you confidence and to provide momentum to your portfolio. 

Module 3: Value

It all comes together in the final weeks to create something unique. First, we challenge teams with a single brief to develop a strategic platform and creative solution that positively impacts the user, the business, and society. Then, using your newly refined skills to collaborate across disciplines, you’ll write and create a powerful case film, which functions as a capstone project and a hero portfolio piece for future Digital Marketers. This module pushes you outside the traditional brief’s usual constraints to create something truly remarkable and that reflects your focus and values as a Digital Marketer.

Portfolio Coaching

The core of Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing is our unique portfolio coaching course. This is when you get the space and support, to step back and consider exactly where you want your portfolio to take you. Then through a series of projects, coaching, milestones, and internal and external feedback, we develop the portfolio you need, as well as approaches to get your portfolio in front of the right people. It’s an intensely person journey with a lot of support and guidance to make it a deeply positive and rewarding experience.

You need more than a portfolio to get where you want to go as a Digital Marketer. That’s why we introduce you to as many industry professionals as we can. This might include site visits and introductions that we can make individually if you’re interested in specific business categories or companies. We’re happy to help you to grow the network that’s right for you. 


With Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing you can optionally apply to ger real-world experience with some of Sweden’s best communication companies. It’s a great way to sample career options and start making deeper connections in the industry. 

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate

Application & Admission Requirements

Do I need any prior knowledge? 

This course is for postgraduate students or people with industry experience within Marketing, Digital Marketing, or adjacent areas such as data and analytics, project management, or business.

We expect Digital Marketers to have a fluency with principles of communication and/or marketing and good understanding for the opportunities offered by digital media platforms

English level: CEFR B2 or higher, see Because your English will be assessed during your interview, we don’t require a language certificate.


Please submit your application via this page. Include your CV and a personal letter explaining your related education, experience, and motivation for Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing. You also need to provide relevant samples or links to your work related to Digital Marketing. You can be very broad here (i.e. social media projects, blogs, accounts you administrates, communities you manage, etc)

You will be invited to a video conference interview to assess your English level and judge your suitability for Berghs Advanced: Digital Marketing

After your interview, you will be asked to complete a short task to assess how you think and work creatively. Your application documents, interview, and task will be weighed equally when evaluating your application.

What is the program fee? 
Fee incl. VAT
65,300 SEK

This program is not covered by CSN.

Program Information

Apply Before

10 April, 2024


65 300 SEK


2 September, 2024


13 December, 2024


Bobergsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden


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Key Learnings

  • Understand the world of Digital Marketing
  • Get experience creating Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Learn how Digital Marketing relates to other creative disciplines 
  • Get a Digital Marketing portfolio that reflects your skills 

Patsy Åkerberg

International Coordinator

Adam Horne

Program Director Berghs Bachelor & Berghs Advanced