Berghs Webinar: A journey into content marketing

Curious about content marketing? Looking to shift direction in your communication career and looking at growth options? Then this webinar is for you.

18 januari 2021
17:00 – 18:00
Den här händelsen har redan skett.

Join Course Director Nicole Michaelis, and her special guest Clara Nordlander Wiberg, as they discuss their professional experiences in the world of content marketing. They’ll discuss the differences between working in-house and as an external resource for a company, how global trends work in local markets, and some of the weirder projects they’ve worked on! Plus, much more. You’re free to ask your questions and learn about #ContentMarketingIRL at the end of this webinar.

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Monday, January 18 2021
5 PM
1 hour (talk + Q&As)

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Nicole Michaelis, Ux Writer at Spotify, Content Strategist, Writer, Educator. Course Director at Berghs in Content Marketing, a 12-week online course for professionals, and author of Content Rookie.

Clara Nordlander Wiberg, Creative Director, Storyteller & Videographer. Founder of Saga Studio and co-author of How to Comedy.