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Casper Grey

First and last name 

Casper Grey

Do? (Current job / employment / workplace)

Art-tech educator, Production Director, Curator

Background (Who are you? Ex. What have you studied and worked with before)

Creative Production of cultural projects and festivals. Higher education in Fine Arts (Photography/Multimedia) and Economics (Finance and Accounting M.A)

What inspires you?

Law of Nature

Do you have a hobby / what do you do in your spare time?

Woodworking, gardening, mountain trekking
What's the most fun about lecturing at Berghs?
Being in touch with people working at the cutting edge of the creative industry
Do you have a role model?
Erik Kessels - Founder and Creative Partner of KesselsKramer, for his brilliance in finding beauty in imperfection, and sharp insight delivered with an unapologetic sense of humor.
What do we not know about you?
I am a total nerd for making sourdough bread, and can spend hours watching YouTube videos of the process.