Om Berghs


Every project is made by a dedicated group of Berghs students who all added their special talant to find the solution with great wrapping force. Explore what you can do with communication - these projects are award winning cases. (*All projects are made up and non of the companies and organisations included has officially taken any part of the solutions.)

Cannes Future Lions

  • World’s Best School


  • 1 guld. Studenter från Interactive Communication

Cannes Future Lions

  • 3 guld, Tobias Fant and Jonas Åhlén, Johan Gerdin, Olle Isaksson, Petra Qvist, Felipe Montt, Arvid Ringborg.

Clio Awards

  • 1 guld, 1 silver. Kalle Åkestam, Andrea Gezelius, Felipe Montt, (Faith Okan, Hyper Island).


  • 1 silver, 1 commendation, 3 in-book. Hampus Mattsson, Magnus Klang, David Lundgren, Leo Magnusson, Felix Holfve, Martin Svane, Philip Westman, Chistian Hammar, Malin Bergh, Philip Westman, Jeremy Phang, Stephanie Moradi, Agnes Stenberg-Schentz, David Prentell, Markus Andersson.


  • 1 guld. Malin Berg, Christian Hammar, Björn Carlberg, Anna Messing, Petra Qvist.

One Show College Competition

  • 1 guld, 2 silver, 2 brons, 1 Runner up. Jonas Åhlén, Johan Gerdin, (Fredrika Stern, GI), Anders Nyberg, Christian Hammar, Henrik Bohman, Felipe Montt, Maja Folgerö, (Fathi Okan, Hyper Island), Alexander Kristensen, Totte Pärlefalk, Ted Criborn, Tobias Fant, Katja Janford, Jacob Nathanson, (Alicia Smith, Hyper Island), Andrea Gezelius, Elsa Lindblad, Helena Svärd, Karl Åkestam, Johan Wahlberg, Henrik Ridderheim, Felix Söderlind.

One Show Award

  • 1 Green Pencil. Jonas Åhlén, Johan Gerdin