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Berghs and Active Philanthropy

laughing panel

Active Philanthropy, an independent charitable platform helps donors to develop and implement their giving strategy and to be safe space for donors to learn from their peers, experts and the field. Berghs School of Communication students in Advertising and Graphic Design year two have helped Active Philathropy with concepts and strategies on how to communicate with the target audience.

September 21, 2010


The target audience is High Net Worth Individuals, those with the greatest financial and intellectual potential to create social change: entrepreneurial families in Europe that are willing to make a real commitment in financial assets, time and energy, and become personally involved in their philanthropy.
Felicity von Peter, founder and managing partner of Active Philantrophy was guiding and supporting the students throughout the process. She was overwhelmed with the result of the project. 
- We’ve approached a number of professional communication agencies to help us getting our message across, but they don’t get us. From what I’ve seen of your work so far, this is far better than anything I’ve seen before. My colleagues and I have learnt tones from you, we’d love to keep working with you.
The panel, consisting of representatives from the target audience, Fabian Bonnier and Carolina Wallenius gave their feedback on the presentations.
- I’m impressed by how the complexities of the problems are tackled, Fabian said to the first group presenting. The problems of the world are so complex, and I find that it often takes a genius to understand them. But I’m not a genius! I think that you simplified the message to illustrate that everyone can do something.
The ideas stretched from board games, to an anger converter and digital portfolios for “philanthropeers”.
Group 2’s presentation called Me Myself I was awarded with superlatives from Active Philanthropy’s Felicity. - This is beyond amazing! I mean it’s so crazy, really “out there”, she exclaimed.
After group 2 had given their presentation Carolina Wallenius liked what she saw and wondered what will become of the students when they’re no longer in school. - Swedes tend to use a lot of humor to convey their message, and I’m not really a fan of that. But this is so elegantly done that even I get a laugh at it.
Cecilia Flygt Högberg, Advertising – copywriter student and fellow teammate Elias Larsson, Graphic Design student, were part of the group. They were pleased with their solution and chuffed with the feedback. - The brief was easy, they said. We’re used to the client wanting everything. Here we could chose what to focus on, and we focused on getting attention.

57They found the brief to be broad, facetted and finely tuned. - We never got why some groups found it so difficult, this brief could be attacked from so many different angles, Elias said. Cecilia could explain how it was made easily. - We’re in our second year now and we’ve been through some tricky briefs. This time around we were in a good group in which we shared the same ambitions. We arrived to meetings on time and we dared to trust each others’ competences.

- In the idea stage we’re all contributing equally, farther through the process it’s more role oriented, and we help each other by giving feedback and input, Elias says.
The 11 groups gave their presentations, and were given immediate feedback from the client, the Program Directors as well as the panel. Felicity and Michael were moved at the end of the day. 
- This started with a chat with your Head of School Sofia Strömberg in April, continued with Pålle Petterson’s excitement and faith in you students’ capacity to understand us and carry this through. And you did! You got our mission, our challenges and our tone of voice. This is like Christmas, but so much more! You’ve given us inspiration, challenges and energy, Felicity was showing her gratitude after the presentations.
- It has been a challenging experience for all involved, say Pålle Pettersson and Anna Laurin, program directors. IDEO/Active Philantrophy presented a brief that provoked great engagement among our students. The final presentations with the client and the panel were magic moments.
Active Philanthropy will employ several of the different concepts and strategies presented by the students. Felicity encouraged the students to bring this experience into the future.
- I admire this school’s willingness to jump in to the water with no idea on how deep the water is and whether you can swim or not. Have this confidence in the back of your mind in the future.
Carolina Wallenius wanted to give a final advice to the students. - In one year, remember to be as great listeners then as you are now.