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Eurobest loved Don’t Tell Ashton!

Students from the Interactive Communication class at Berghs were honored with gold at Eurobest in Hamburg.
- This feels absolutely fantastic, and as far as I know it’s the first student project to ever win gold in Eurobest, which is great fun. It’s also an acknowledgment that the logic and relevance that we’re teaching at Berghs works and has an impact on the industry, says Peter Kamstedt, Program Director for Interactive Communication at Berghs.

Maj 5, 2011

-    The mission we were given by the school was to make a communications platform to market our class, says Victoria Nyberg who makes part of the successful team. Instead of just telling the world what we can do, we wanted to show them
The idea was a Twitter-experiment that resulted in an artwork. Any Twitter-user who re-tweeted the students’ message got their avatar on the artwork. The more followers – the bigger picture. Ashton Kutcher, who at the time for the experiment was the world’s most popular Twitter-user, could in fact cover the whole piece of art. But nobody told Ashton and in no more than three days, the campaign had reached more than four million Twitter-users.

Students of the class got together and had one objective; to spread the word about the program Interactive Communication. Through the campaign ’Don’t Tell Ashton’ they wanted to demonstrate what they had learnt during their training at Berghs.

The students finalized the project by visiting Ashton Kutcher in LA who wondered why he was the last one to find out.
40 Swedish projects were shortlisted in the Interactive category at Eurobest.
-    ’Don’t Tell Ashton’ was awarded gold in the advertising competition because it is fundamentally a great campaign, and I also think that’s why it managed to spread so widely, says Victoria Nyberg.

-    Students from the Interactive Communication – Digital Director/ Digital Creative class at Berghs School of Communication have been very successful over the year in communications competitions globally. The education program goes for one year, entirely in English and the school os now recruiting for next start in August 2011.