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Innovation from Berghs students Kikki and Johan attracts attention.

On Friday, Kikki Tham Sterner and Johan Ollas up-loaded their innovation project and Future Lions Competition 2011-entry on Vimeo and the very next day, the innovation has spread on twitter and been featured in a French blog.

Maj 12, 2011

iSense is an innovation that transforms your iPad to a three-dimensional experience, which makes it possible for deaf and blind to use touch screen without limitations. But unfortunately iSense is not yet on the market. iSense is one of the entries to the Future Lions Competition 2011, signed Bergh Students Kikki Tham Sterner and Johan Ollas.

"We wanted to use innovation as a communication project and reflected upon what’s coming our way in the nearest future, says Kikki Tham Sterner "

The constellation Kikki (Advertising) and John (Interactive Communication) teamed up during Brand-X and soon realized that they shared the same vision and interest in communication and innovative ideas. Even after the Brand-X, they decided to compete together in the Future Lions and started the buzz online on the very next day the video had been up-loaded.

Future Lions Competition 2011 will be held during the Cannes Lions in late June.