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Romy Nickel: Berghs students are passionate and love what they do


It's an exciting week for the students of the Strategic communication & pr and Interactive Communication programs at Berghs. This Thursday, they will present to Jung von Matt Germany and their client, Mercedes Benz. Romy Nickel, Human Resources Manager at Jung von Matt Germany, visited Berghs last week for meetings with the students at Career Day. She explains why JvM chose to work with Berghs' students.

Mars 22, 2012

Hello Romy Nickel, Jung von Matt Germany and welcome to Stockholm! What brings you here today?

Talents! Jung von Matt is more and more a magnet for international talents. And thatʼs how it should be. Our job at Berghsʼ is to inform the people about all the possibilities at Jung von Matt and to get them enthusiastic about our creative culture and ways to work at our agency.

With Mercedes Benz being the client, this is an exciting project for the PR and IC students at Berghs. Can you tell us a little bit about your chosing to work with us?

We think that the best way to find young talents is to work with them. We want to give them a possibility to work on a real brief with us. It is totally exiting for both sides. Berghs School has an excellent reputation in Germany (and beyond), thatʼs why we chose to strengthen our cooperation and work closer with the school.

We know that the project details are secret, but can you tell us something about the brief that the Berghs students are working on?

It is a very important future-related subject, that gives the students the chance to come up with fresh and innovative ideas, almost depart from what itʼs done from competitors in the past. And it also was very suitable for earned media and their new ways of communication. This was the condition from Berghsʼ.

What, in your opinion, are the main challenges and what are your hopes regarding the solutions that the students will be presenting to you and the client later this week?

The students had a really short period for the project and it was a big subject for this time. It will be most challenging to get the stretch between a strong thought and the idea out of it and the concrete actions that make the idea alive. Though it is a new topic, the consumers are not that aware and informed of it and that makes it harder to find simple and smart solutions without putting too much information in it that make it complicated.

Have you had any experiences of Berghs' students before? 

Yes, we did hire some people of Berghs. And we also talked to some of them previous to this project. Although I could not say, that there are special Berghs attributes in the way they work, you can say that they are all really passionate and love what they do. They are also able to present their selves very well, because of this. Also, they are all very grounded and have a realistic self- evaluation about what they already can do and what they still have to learn. A creative team once applied with a short viral video, specially made for Jung von Matt, that was really nice and sympathetic.