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What would you do if you weren't afraid of failure?

Could have, might have, should have. How many times in life have you encountered one of these thoughts?
The journey of life is the journey of failure. It has gotten us through the most basic and fundamental parts of living. It's the reason to why we're a bunch of walking, talking creatures with a natural curiosity to learn and excel in what we do. We embrace it with open arms.

Maj 12, 2011

But when it comes to some things such as our careers, there's a contorted perception where the fear of failure has never been more obvious.

The risk, the failure and the success exists in each and every one of us. Success never happens without taking risks. And risks is what you're capable of taking, when you overcome the fear of failing.

Berghs Exhibition '11 is not about failing but knowing where it can take you. During 4 days, between 26-29th of May, we're going to dissect, discuss, learn and listen how overcoming the fear of failure is the only path to take if you're aiming for success.

Never fear failure so much that you refuse to try new ways of thinking and doing. Like Louis E. Boone once said, the saddest summery of a life contains three descriptions: Could have, might have and should have.
Exhibition days

  • Thursday May 26 – Vernissage Invitation Only. Our avatar platform will launch for those that cannot physically attend our exhibition. Open 17–21
  • Friday May 27 – Business Friday Bring your company, agency, colleague or friend to see how our courageous students solved their briefs. There will be a panel discussion about our theme, the fear of failure. Panel participants will soon be announced. Open 11–18
  • Saturday May 28 – Open day For friends, family, new students and anyone else interested in what we're up to at Berghs. Speakers will soon be announced. Open 11–18
  • Sunday May 29 – Open day For friends, family, new students and anyone else interested in what we're up to at Berghs. Open 11–16