Study online at Berghs

Online Courses at Berghs offer plenty of interaction with your instructor as well your peers - there is no sitting alone in front of a computer and passively browsing through content. Choose between our courses in UX & Interaction Design, Digital Brand Strategy and Digital Content Management.

An online class at Berghs is small and it’s easy to get to know each other well. This is an important difference from a lot of other online courses today. There’s at least one live call each week and lots of conversation around the course topics. You work in groups and apply knowledge to a case, and you give and receive lots of feedback throughout the entire course. The weekly conferences become your safe space to test, share, discuss, and ultimately learn. We offer three online courses for professionals:

Digital Brand Strategy

This course introduces practical models, reveals inspiring best-in-class cases and introduces relevant marketing tools. Whether you are working with an established brand or you are trying to build one, you will learn how to create an eco-system that enables your brand and its products thrive in the digital era.

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UX and Digital Product Design

Learn to design digital experiences through UX principles and intuitive Interaction Design. This course starts with a holistic view of UX, covering the design process and an often overlooked part – user research and design strategy. Then the course shifts to the technical side of Interaction Design and how to build winning products that delight users in any digital medium.

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Digital Content Management

This course is designed for future content managers and offers a foundation in digital content strategy and a practical toolbox for text, photo, and video production for digital media. You apply knowledge to practical cases and learn how to measure and improve your content value and performance.

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