Om Berghs


Here you can look closer in to the different projects. Every project is made by a dedicated group of Berghs students who all added their special talant to find the solution with great wrapping force. Explore what you can do with communication - these projects are award winning cases. (*All projects are made up and non of the companies and organisations included has officially taken any part of the solutions.)

Cannes Future Lions

  • 1 guld. Gustav Johansson, Erik Hogfeldt, Rasmus Keger

Cannes Future Lions

  • World’s Best School

Clio Awards

  • 1 guld. Gustav Johansson, Rasmus Keger, Erik Högfeldt


  • 1 guld, 3 silver, Student of the year. Petra Muda, Harri Leppälä, Hampus Mattson, David Lundgren, Johan Riddarström, Therese Jonsson, Magnus Ivansson, Tor Lemhag, Petter Hernmarck, Gustav Johansson, Erik Högfeldt, José Hernandez, Anna Oddbjörn, Gustaf Jonsson


  • 1 guld, 1 silver, 1 brons. Sara Boisen, Felix Holfve, Carl Bachmann, André Brink, Linus Nyström Bertholdsson, Viktor Waldås, Erik Dolk, Elisabet Fischer, Jeremy Phang, Marcus Sjögren, Magnus Winqvist

One Show College Competition

  • 4 guld, 2 silver och 3 brons, 1 Client Pitch. Axel Lindgren, Rasmus Keger, Gustav Johansson, Axel Soderlund, Ebba Hult, Erik Hogfeldt, Petter Hernmarck, Johan Björnserud, Joel Ekstrand, Nick Sjostrom, Mattias Nygård, Robin Westergren, Therese Jonsson, Magnus Ivansson, David Prentell, Johan Ekhager, Anna Oddbjörn, Saga-Mariah Sandberg, Tor Lemhag, Jose Hernandez, Karim Walldén, Olof Berglof


  • 1 silver. Axel Lindgren, Axel Söderlund, Erik Högfeldt, Gustav Johansson, Jessika Frendin, Johan Ekhager, Karim Walldén, Lina Tuikka, Lisa Rytter, Lovisa Janson, Marit Leitner, Martina Lundberg, Michelle Kuronen, Niclas Dübeck, Robert Zillén, Therese Rydén