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Maj 7, 2013

Anna Lindberg Malmström, Emelie Lindh and Frida Mathilde Agnaes graduated from Berghs in 2012. As their graduation project they set out to create a collection of wallpaper and start an interdiciplinary design agency - Klärobskyr.

Tell us about your project!

Viewing the wallpaper market got us to realise two things. First, we felt a lack of diversity in the supply of wallpapers. Second, we thought that it's a shame that most people don't want or have the courage to put up a really eye catching wallpaper. The result was the collection ”Hall of Mirrors” applied on wallpaper and window blinds. And we had our very first client (Spy bar) a couple of weeks before the grad show!

For the actual exhibition we had a very strong vision about it being something to really take advantage of and something we should use to it's fullest. That included making our own invitations to the show wich was sent to people we really admire in the business, a pressrelease, sponsored businesscards to hand out during the show, samples to sell in our monter, several kg's of chocolate (that Anthon Berg kindly sponsored us with) to lure people in e t c. To us it was very important to show our wallpaper collection as actuall wallpaper, so several hours was first spent on that until we got in touch with lovely Photowall who was kind enough to print all our six patterns, wich we put up in our monter that a building company (Wolfbuilder) generously sponsered us with. With this being said, don´t be hesitant to ask about sponsorship, it can be the differens between a really good presentation and a really fantastic one.

How did you follow through with Klärobskyr?

Our minds was set from the beginning of the work process that we wanted this to be something that would live longer than the exhibition. And since we already had our first client prior to the grad show it felt even more natural to continue with Klärobskyr afterwards. Due to several circumstances we now see Klärobskyr as our side project, something really creative and fun to do in our free time. 

What has been the most challenging when you followed through?

Sleep deprivation! It was a lot of hard work, but from day one we were all very determined and with a few hours to the grad show we realised that all our hopes about what to accomplisch was right in front of our eyes. We were all very proud about that. With all this nearly a year behind us we can see that in doing this project together keept us motivated, focused and very goal oriented. And we had soo much fun every day. 

What does the future have in store for Klärobskyr?

Hopefully Klärobskyr will continue to be our arena for fun projects to have on the side. In the projects we have had so far we have had more or less total creative freedom, witch of course is fantastic and also gives a lot of input to our 9-5 jobs.

Has your vision of Klärobsykr changed since you started?

No, not really. For a long time we thought that we would work fulltime with Klärobskyr but because all of us don't live in the same city this is no longer the case. But apart from that our vision is intact.

What do you think is the most important aspect in order to follow through with your vision?

Trust your vision and stick to it.