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Siemens looks forward to innovative and creative ideas


Last week, Berghs Bachelor students received a task from Siemens. The students are to create a communication platform for Siemens' 120th anniversary in Sweden.

On Friday afternoon the Berghs Bachelor students received the brief that they will work on for the next two months within the marketing communication course. This course alternates project work with lectures and workshops that guide the students through the process. The students where divided into five different teams where the different communication disciplines are represented, and during the course of the project they will act like mini-agencies to solve the client's communication challenge.

The students came to class on Friday without a clue on which client they would meet, but when asked what their dream client would be they almost unanimously answered: "A big one". So, we can only guess that they were happy to learn that the client was Siemens, one of the largest companies in the world with 360 000 employees in 190 countries and a turnover of 73.5 billion €. Philip Brunberg, one of the strategy students in the class, confirms: "I was really excited to receive the brief, and when we found out that Siemens was our client, I could not be more happy! We are going to start out doing some research about people's view on Siemens, and then take it from there!" Erik Berger Vaage, graphic designer, adds: "It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to work with such a big company as Siemens. Working with a company that size shows that even the biggest corporations feels that they can trust the work the students at Berghs are doing. I'm sure it will be a lot of hard work, but It will be fun to see what solutions we will come up with."

The task that the students are taking on is to create a communication platform for Siemens' 120th anniversary in Sweden. The communication should help increase the Swedish people's awareness of what Siemens actually does. The client gave an ambitious and challenging brief, with few limitations and quite a substantial budget. And course director Marco Ortolani encouraged the student groups to challenge them right back, to question the information, the goals and the target groups given in the brief. "The biggest challenge for the students is to grasp this complex task and boil it down to something that they can work with. Research and strategy is going to be a big part of the students' work over the next few weeks. The project has a huge potential and I'm excited to see what they come up with." Marco said.

After the briefing Maria Balldin, Head of Communications & Sustainability at Siemens AB, talked about what she expects to get out of working with the Berghs students: "I hope the students think out-of-the-box so we get innovative and creative ideas and suggestions out of them." On December 14, Siemens will return to Berghs to see the five different solutions to their brief.

In the picture: Maria Baldin and Maria Lidberg, Siemens AB, challenging the Berghs students