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Advanced Public Relations

This immersive 15-week program will supercharge your public relations portfolio by equipping you with the skills and experience, including advanced generative AI techniques, to elevate your career. Whether you're looking to step up in your current role or embark on a bold new direction, our focus is on insight-driven communication that drives conversation and its execution through Public Relations.

Program Overview

Berghs Advanced: Public Relations blends classes, coaching sessions, individual and group work, and more than fifteen briefs to furnish your portfolio, integrating generative AI throughout the process. This program is perfect for international students with previous studies or experience in PR, communications, and advertising – who want to work professionally in English in the PR industry.

Your core focus will be on public relations, particularly leveraging generative AI. From understanding and amplifying creative ideas into the culture and the conversation to refining your craft to match a brand's tone perfectly. And from activating creative campaigns with PR to better understanding media logic and knowing all the areas that a career in public relations can happen.

But we do it the Berghs way. We focus on Action-Based Learning, which means you learn by doing. You learn by applying great ideas to all kinds of projects. It also means the program offers deep collaboration by bringing people from all over the world with a passion and curiosity for communication to work together across multiple disciplines within communication. It's the best way to prepare your professional skills and PR portfolio to take you places.

Who is Berghs Advanced: Public Relations for?

Are you a driven, creative professional ready to take your career to new heights? This program is for ambitious, creative individuals prepared to take their careers in PR to the next level. Ideal for recent graduates in PR-related fields or professionals seeking a dynamic career shift, Berghs Advanced is designed for those who crave a challenge and are passionate about making a real impact. Leveraging the unparalleled reputation of Europe's most awarded communication school, this program is rooted in a culture of creative excellence. Join a community of like-minded innovators and transform your potential into a powerful force for positive change and bold new ideas.

The middle of Berghs Advanced: Public Relations program is an intensive six weeks designed to refine your skills in PR as your core professional focus. Your portfolio must reflect considerable professional abilities, and this is where you get to deep dive into your domain.

So, you'll dive into the crafts of PR – from understanding the importance and craft of a well-written press release to using media, culture, and community to find the right angle and drive discussion and action to find your unique PR voice for your portfolio. This module is heavier on individual assignments and leveraging generative AI to enhance strategic and creative processes, and it gives you many opportunities to talk to PR professionals to ask questions about the industry. 

Collaboration is key. Our program immerses you in an environment where you work alongside strategists, designers, copywriters, art directors, and digital marketers, enhancing your ability to approach creative problems from diverse perspectives.

Intro Week

Gain essential self-leadership and teamwork skills, explore communication trends, and start working on your first projects immediately.

Module 1: Problem, Insight, Solution

Over five weeks, you work in groups and individually on many briefs and learn about problem framing, insight generation, message development, and creative execution. At the end of the module, you master the ideation process and produce and present better ideas faster and more consistently. You also learn to rapidly iterate your work, become better at giving and receiving feedback, and pitch ideas powerfully. This module is designed to give you confidence and provide momentum to your portfolio.

Module 3: Impact

In this capstone project, participants will collaborate with mission-driven companies tackling social and environmental issues. The focus is on creating a significant impact through innovative strategic and creative solutions emphasising sustainability, education, human rights, and economic development. Outcomes are tracked and measured, highlighting social/environmental impact and financial performance. This module challenges students to innovate within real-world constraints, producing comprehensive and impactful creative solutions. The resulting portfolio piece will showcase their ability to drive meaningful change, demonstrating their capability to contribute to mission-driven initiatives and making them highly attractive to future employers.

Portfolio Coaching

The core of Berghs Advanced: PR is our unique portfolio coaching course. It lets you develop a standout portfolio, incorporating generative AI techniques, that opens doors to exciting career opportunities. You get the space and support to step back and consider exactly where you want your PR portfolio to take you. Then, through projects, coaching milestones, and internal and external feedback, we develop the portfolio you need and approaches to getting it in front of the right people. It's an intensely personal journey with much support and guidance to make it a profoundly positive and rewarding experience.

Building a Network

You need more than a portfolio to get where you want to go in the creative industry. That's why we introduce you to as many industry professionals as possible. This might include site visits and introductions for individuals interested in specific business categories or companies. We're happy to help you grow the right network for you.

For now and for the future 

Participants will be equipped for future creative endeavours by mastering the art of 'learning how to learn,' a crucial skill for continuous growth and adaptation. You'll learn to identify innovative opportunities within projects and your career, ensuring you stay ahead in a constantly evolving industry. Embrace new tools and technologies, including new generative AI tools, to develop groundbreaking creative work. With the guidance of Berghs School of Communication, you will confidently navigate and leverage these innovations, positioning yourself at the forefront of the creative landscape.

  • Advanced Public Relations Certificate

Application & Admission Requirements

Do I need any prior knowledge? 

This program is for postgraduate students or people with industry experience within a field of communication, marketing, journalism, or other adjacent fields focused on relationship building, media, culture, and community.

You will need an English level of CEFR B2 or higher; see We don't require a language certificate because your English will be assessed during your interview.


Please submit your application via this page. Include your CV and a personal letter explaining your education, experience, and motivation for Berghs Advanced: Public Relations. You also need to provide relevant samples or links to your work.

You will be invited to a video conference interview to assess your English level and judge your suitability for Berghs Advanced: Public Relations. After your interview, you will be asked to complete a short task to determine how you think and work creatively. Your application documents, interview, and task will be weighed when evaluating your application.

What is the program fee? 

Fee incl. VAT
65,300 SEK 

This program is not covered by CSN.

Program Information

Apply Before

22 August, 2024


65 300 SEK


2 September, 2024


13 December, 2024


Bobergsgatan 48, Stockholm, Sweden


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Key Learnings

  • Gain exclusive insights from industry insiders
  • Understand how PR relates to media, culture, and AI
  • Develop integrated PR campaigns
  • Develop a portfolio showcasing your unique talents

Patsy Åkerberg

International Coordinator

Adam Horne

Program Director Berghs Bachelor & Berghs Advanced

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