Content Marketing is a Discipline in Danger. Discuss.

Join Berghs’ Content Marketing Course Director Amanda Monfrooe, and Berghs' Adam Horne for an in-depth discussion. We'll explore why content marketing is a discipline in danger and what you can do to start correcting courses and set yourself up for a great career.

25 januari 2023
17:00 – 18:00
Den här händelsen har redan skett.

*This event will be held in English.

We live in a time where Content Marketing will grow exponentially. Or do we?

Content Marketing is under attack.

There's an existential danger that Content Marketing is abbreviated to Social Media Content. The other big issue is that the nuance of Content Marketers is subsumed by those that see it as 'just Marketing'. Content Marketing is two words, and we need to fight for the right of both of them. And then there's AI.

Everywhere we look, the lines are blurring more than ever.

Amanda Monfrooe is a freelance content marketing strategist and copywriter. For over 12 years, she’s brought brand stories to life across digital channels. Amanda specializes in messaging strategy, campaign planning and tone of voice in tech and entertainment. She's also the Course Director of our Content Marketing course. So we can't wait to get her perspective on things.

All these issues, plus your questions, will be explored openly and honestly as we look for ways forward. It’s sure to be a lively discussion. So come along and join the conversation. Your thoughts and questions are welcome. It all happens on Wednesday 25 January @ 5:00 PM. Don’t miss this exciting discussion - and we look forward to you drawing your own conclusion.