Brand Strategy

  • Process and principles
  • Communication systems
  • Storytelling

Learn how to develop, focus and execute brand strategies that integrate business, creative and technological perspectives. This fast-track, part-time course teaches you brand modelling techniques, tools, and practical applications.

38 750 SEK (incl. VAT)
31 000 SEK (excl. VAT)
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Thursday 22 August
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Wednesday 4 December

The course provides you with key concepts and models, relevant case studies, and a practical project to apply your knowledge to. Knitting this all together is a methodical framework that allows you to connect the dots between the different perspectives in brand strategy.

Week 1: Process and principles

Introduction to the new brand strategy process. Logic, creative and tech-inspired principles. Case studies and reflections. Students share their personal learning goals.

Week 2: Framework

How to build an adaptive brand for the technological age. Methodology, theoretical models, reading list and case studies.

Week 3: Brand identity and communication systems

Understanding the models modern companies use to communicate their brands. Combines identity, storytelling, content strategy and channel strategy. Step-by-step methodology.

Week 4: Strategy briefs

A guide to the core suite of strategy briefs including; insight, platform, design, creative, content, prototype, activation, and measurement. Common formats, templates and best practice principles to create your own. Project kick-off where students are introduced to a client and receive their project brief.

Week 5: Data and decisions

Where to start with data, how to make data-driven decisions. Guides to data science, analytics, and key providers. Case studies.

Week 6: Storytelling

Management of meaning and the value of a good brand story in the technological age. Why some stick and others don’t. Templates and useful tools.

Week 7: Integrating technology in products, services and marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). An explanation of the technologies that will drive all products, services and marketing communications. Case studies and methodology. Practical team exercise.

Week 8: Integrating technology in user experience

Augmented reality, image recognition and voice. A summary of three futuristic technologies that will define user experience. Case studies and methodology. Practical team exercise.

Week 9: Activation strategy

How to devise, document and direct activation strategy. Best practice principles and templates.

Week 10: Effective presentations

How to create effective and compelling presentations. Best-in-class examples. Open session to discuss individual student questions on their final assignment response.

Week 11: Final client presentations

Client meeting and strategy presentation. Peer to peer feedback during the session with considered feedback from the course director and client after the session.

Week 12: Defining roles

Summary of the course and open discussion on developing roles within organizations. Networks and relations. How to create a strategic portfolio.

Added Value

The course also includes process charts, frameworks, recommended reading list and tips on tailoring the process to you and your organization. Before commencement, all students set their individual learning goals and concrete action points. Individual tutoring sessions are also offered towards the end of the course.

Who is this course for

You have 5+ years of professional experience in one of the three areas covered by this course (strategy, creative, technology) or in a multidisciplinary role. You want to upskill or transform your knowledge base for a new challenge. You want to demonstrate the value of your brand, drive it forward with a broad perspective and lead teams across silos.

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  • Brand strategy development
  • Brand identity systems
  • Briefing formats, tools and templates
  • Data, and business intelligence
  • Making decisions
  • Storytelling
  • Latest technology in marketing
  • Products, services and experience
  • Strategy presentation creation
  • Experience with a real strategy pitch

Strategi & analys
38 750 SEK (incl. VAT)
31 000 SEK (excl. VAT)
Apply before
Thursday 22 August
Wednesday 18 September
Wednesday 4 December
12 hours
Self study
10 hours/ week
Course Dates

The course starts on Wednesday, September 18th at 17:00 CET via Zoom. Subsequent lectures to take place weekly on Wednesdays at 17:00 CET via Zoom.

Course fee

Fee incl. VAT
38 750 SEK

Fee excl. VAT
31 000 SEK

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