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Case study: examensprojekt Iris

Botten berghs

I det här examensprojektet från 2016 års avgångsstudenter fick gruppen i uppdrag att etablera en varumärkes­positionering för att locka fler studenter till Iris. Lösningen? En bot som bjuder på karriärsrådgivning.


Establish a brand positioning that attracts students.


Meet Iris, the worlds first career counseling bot. With Facebooks recent launch of bot integration in Messenger it’s now possible for organisations to connect with people in an innovative and interactive way.

Just as easy it is to start a conversation with your friends and family, you can now connect with Iris directly in Facebook messenger. Iris can give you guidance and help you to find the right education for the job you’re looking for. She ask you the right questions and has the answers to yours. She informs you about upcoming application deadlines and helps you study. Or if you’d like - she can just keep you company.

Examensgrupp från Berghs:

Karima Essabih
Ademir Aksamija
Robin Ejnebrand
Filip Myringer
Emmy Häggkvist
Gabriel Prescott
Elin Hartzell