Berghs Morning Routine: Design for Culture

It’s no longer enough for consumer facing businesses to rely on digital in order to successfully become a part of culture. They must design for culture. Find out how in the upcoming Morning Routine with Michael Aneto.

17 maj 2018
08:30 – 09:30
Den här händelsen har redan skett.

Consumer facing businesses can no longer rely on the novelty of digital for the cultural adoption required for success; they need to design for culture. In this talk, we learn how some Dutch companies approach this challenge, and why the business of design needs re-design.

At this Morning Routine, Michael Aneto, former Managing Partner of Perfect Fools who today runs the digital design company SAI in Amsterdam, will give a talk on designing for culture. Michael Aneto has one foot in planning and the other in design. Additionally, Michael is Berghs’ Program Manager for the Online Certificates, our part-time online courses for professionals.

Berghs Morning Routine is free of charge to attend but you must RSVP. First come, first served. Welcome!

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This Morning Routine will be held in English