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Michael Aneto joins Berghs International


Amsterdam based planner Michael Aneto takes over Berghs Creative and Strategic Certificates.

The Berghs Creative & Strategic Certificates are Berghs' most international and ubiquitous study programs. Since the launch in 2014, the program has had teachers and students from all over the world connecting from their homes and offices. This fall, Michael Aneto joins the program as Program Manager. Marco Ortolani, Director of international studies at Berghs School of Communication, comments

“The idea of running this program from outside of Berghs, outside of Sweden, came early this Spring. I remember it was during one of our weekly conference calls that I noticed that none of the participants was based in Sweden. It felt as if the program had finally reached its own maturity, and shortly after we made the decision to let it fly even higher.”

Berghs Online Certificate

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Michael Aneto

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Michael Aneto, currently Head of Strategic Planning at Perfect Fools in Amsterdam, describes himself as a nerdy movies and sports fanatic who spends “too much time thinking about sneakers”. Having worked within the advertising industry in London and Amsterdam for over a decade, Michael explains what drew him into the creative industry the beginning:

”After graduating from Manchester University, I resisted the lure of the City and IT and went into advertising. A friend who had graduated the year before raved about the culture, which made me curious. But it was only when I looked into it that I discovered this thing called 'planning'. After a stint in media strategy, I focused on digital creative. It was clearly the future and allowed me to be more creative, technology and craft oriented. ​Today and tomorrow, it's all about digital design and technology. This is what my new design practice, SAI, will specialise in."

So, Michael. Why Amsterdam?

I always knew I would work abroad at some point. A crazy twelve months in Paris for my third year at university only confirmed it. For a long time, the closest I got was a few extended business trips whilst at AKQA London. New York, San Fran, etc. I'll always love the US, but each time I visited Amsterdam I remember thinking it would also be an amazing place to live. It felt great for life and business. So much energy and potential. Then, I was headhunted for a creative role at 180Amsterdam in 2009 and have been based professionally here ever since.

What motivates you?

Personal fulfilment and collective contribution. I am inspired by the future and infinite possibilities. I get energy and incredible satisfaction from helping others realise their potential, and be the best they can be.

What made you interested in this role of Program Manager at Berghs International program Strategic and Creative Certificate?

I was asked to talk at Berghs a few years ago and I've kept tabs on the school ever since. I was really impressed with the set up and it has a great reputation for those in the know. Sounds strange, but there's a really good vibe around Berghs that is really difficult for an institution to develop and sustain. Then last year, I did a one-off talk for Marco and let it be known I would be honoured to have a deeper involvement. And here we are!

What are your hopes and expectations for the program and class of Online Certificate 2017/2018?

Well, the priority is ensuring the students feel they have got the maximum from the course - academically and culturally. ​I am looking to create an environment that feels collaborative and innovative. There is always something special about being part of a group, a collective. I am also hoping we can to explore a better, more internationally relevant humanistic approach to communication, business and advertising.

What is your view on communication and advertising today? What is happening, what is changing?

We are in a fascinating ​period with multiple, interweaving factors that have a real impact on communication, advertising and business as a whole. Globally and locally.

Of course there's digital and technology - we are just at the beginning.

Products and service, both public and private, are changing in their nature - simultaneously responsive to, and influential on, our behaviours.

Entertainment is making a leap from a largely passive leisure activity, to a bonafide interactive realm of existence.

There are human, societal issues and environmental that used to have a butterfly effect, but are now combustible elements in chain reactions.

The world's cultural frame of reference is clearly shifting slowly from the US, but no one knows towards who (or what).

And the nuances of brand and branding are no longer the preserve of businesses and corporations - even toddlers know what it is to have (or be) a brand.



Marco Ortolani, Head of International studies at Berghs. What does Michael Aneto bring to Berghs Online Certificate?

I believe Michael is the ideal profile to run this program. He is a planner with managing experience, a strong digital focus, and very good eye for design. His spectrum of competencies could not be broader, and he brings new energy and a brand new international network to this program. More, he loves the idea of working with personal and professional development, which is a key part of the job at Berghs.