Leading Creative Teams

  • Concrete tools to improve leadership
  • Understanding creative processes
  • Managing team dynamics

This intensive 3-day course will give you a foundation in the tools, skills and approaches to leading happy and highly creative teams. It dives into the dynamics of groups, how to empower people to contribute confidently, and how to use personalities to get the best new ideas into your business.

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Thursday, October 17th, Friday, October 18th, and Monday, October 21st

Time: 09.00-16.00 CET

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The importance of creativity can’t be underestimated. Businesses that harness their people’s innate creativity are often the most successful. Whether that’s quickly adjusting to new conditions in the short-term or charting vivid and achievable long term goals. Or navigating the complexity of maintaining a creative and collaborative culture in a hybrid online and offline environment. 

Creativity is complex. But when you add team dynamics, it’s critical to take a strategic approach - because every problem and every team is unique. This course focuses on a few key areas. We highlight the importance of clearly defined problems to present to the team - to ensure a focused output. We give you tools and approaches for idea generation (both personal and group-based) to reliably generate appropriate options. And finally, we offer tips, tricks and insights from some of the best team coordinators on managing conflict, motivation, team energy online and IRL, and how to turn ideas into an action plan.

Course schedule

Day 1

Morning: You as a leader: Defining your personal leadership style
Afternoon: Your team: Understanding the creative persona, understanding those that you manage

Day 2

Morning: Demystifying the creative process and creating environments for creativity
Afternoon: Additional tools and processes for facilitating creativity

Day 3

Morning: Working through conflict: a mismatch of purposes
Afternoon: Aligning motivation through purpose, values, culture, and goals

How does it work?

This course is delivered IRL at Berghs School of Communication and is facilitated by industry professionals. It consists of 3 intense days of inspiration, tools, practical work, and networking opportunities. Coffee and snacks are included.

We keep classes small and dynamic. Be ready to roll up your sleeves and learn by doing. We take a pragmatic and practical approach to Leading Creative Teams. You’ll make new friends and connections with people as eager to develop as you are. Berghs issue a course certificate upon completion.

Who is this course for?

This is aimed at a wide range of people who want to start leading more creative teams. It's for anyone who works in or manages teams - in all business areas and organisations. If you have a passion for creativity, an openness to new ideas, and believe that everyone can contribute creatively, this course is for you. We also welcome new businesses, entrepreneurs, and people who work with government and nonprofits.

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Key Learnings

  • Access to our Leading Creative Teams toolkit
  • Tools and techniques to create creative team dynamics for new and established businesses
  • A kickstarter in the roles and responsibilities of team leaders in the creative process
  • How to turn ideas into actions that reflect your company's values
  • Confidence to know that you can make a difference in the world
  • Tips and techniques for making all personality types feel comfortable and creative
  • Experience and tips in forming and working in teams that take creativity seriously
  • Ways to work collaboratively in the same physical space to make things happen


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29 375 kronor

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23 500 kronor

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Course Dates

Thursday, March 21st, Friday, March 22nd, and Monday, March 25th

Time: 09.00-16.00 CET

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