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Anomaly NYC joins Berghs Online Certificate

Berghs Online Certificate Anomaly

Jessica Roubadeaux, Strategy Director at Anomaly NYC, joins the instructors’ team of Berghs Online Certificate 2016/17. Jessica takes her unique agency approach and her own field experience straight into Berghs’ most international online classroom.

Former Account Planner at BBDO and Senior Strategy Director at Mother, Jessica Roubadeaux, has recently moved from London back to New York City and joined Anomaly. This is an Agency where models are questioned and silos are broken, so it felt natural for Berghs School of Communication to turn to Jessica when setting up the next edition of Berghs Online Certificate, a program designed for international creatives and communication strategists.

Jessica, in your opinion what are the secrets behind great communication work?

I think there are two things that go into making great communication work, though they may not be secrets, they are unfortunately all too rare.

The first is expected but always true—behind every great piece of work is a great insight—a rare and unexpected uncovering about culture, your consumer, client or category that shifts the way we think about a problem and can create a new type of solution.

The second, often even harder to come by (but progressive agencies are starting to get it right), is an unexpected combination of people who bring different skills and perspectives to the table to solve a business problem—not make a piece of communications. When you find a talented group that can listen, challenge, critique and truly collaborate, you will make truly great work.

What do you think are the must- have competences of a communication professional today, and tomorrow?

I think the most talented communications professional will possess skills that never go out of use, no matter what the next tech company has up their sleeve. For me these timeless skills include: curiosity (the more insatiable the better), a willingness to admit what you don’t know, a desire to truly listen, an excitement to collaborate, and the ability to inspire a team to come together around a common goal.

What attracted you to Berghs, and what do you expect from this experience?

I was immediately attracted to Berghs for the factors that I think make it excel as a communications school: an emphasis on real life solutions, a diverse student body, and an eye towards what is next. I’m so incredibly excited for this experience as I am genuinely hoping to learn as much as I teach, and to be inspired by the brilliant minds one finds at Berghs.

Application close on August the 24th.  

Berghs Online Certificate 2016/2017 starts on September 26.

The program consists of two semesters of highly collaborative part-time studies in communication. You can choose between two different directions of study and apply for a Creative or a Strategic Certificate. You can study from anywhere in the world, on any device, and combine this program with a full time job.

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