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Case study: Change for a change för Vapiano

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Det här examensprojektet från 2016 handlar om employer branding. Restaurangkedjan Vapiano gav Berghs avgångsstudenter i uppdrag att skapa en kampanj och strategi för att få målgruppen att känna begär efter att arbeta på just Vapiano.


Vapiano is an Italian franchise made in Germany. At arrival you get a card, where all the purchases are recorded. The food is made in front of you and you pay on your way out. Today there are 150 restaurants, in 29 countries, in 5 continents.


Vapiano wanted to strenghten their employer brand. We wanted the target group to desire a job at Vapiano.


In an industry full of villains, Vapiano is the good guys. Vapiano wants to attract modern young people with modern values. They are going to do it by challenging the restaurant industry with issues the industry needs to face, based on studies from Sifo. Every month starts off with a PR-stunt concerning the issue. First they are addressing equal salary, by increasing womens´ salary one month with the same amount that differs them from men today, 13 percent.


Fanny Bergabo - Public relations
Isak Bollason - Copywriter
Frida Gauw - Digital strategist
Jennifer Hammervald - Digital creator
Paulina Jonasson - Production management
Robert Lindqwist - Grafic designer
Axel Munkeby - Strategist