Video Basics

Learn Premiere Pro and After Effects with your very first film and animation projects. Get to know Adobe’s industry-standard software and see how to use it together to create beautiful videos. Through video-recorded classes and practical assignments, you learn the software at your own pace. This On-Demand course is for anyone who wants to learn Video basics and is a good first step to other motion design studies.

Software Basics
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Course Content

The course covers the core functionalities of Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. After learning the basics of film and camera settings, you’ll dig right into the software and build both technical skills and confidence, step by step. 

You’ll develop good workflow habits by choosing the right tool for the job and discover how the different applications work together harmoniously. The course challenges you with a series of video tutorials and practical exercises as you create your first film project. You will not receive feedback on your work but you’ll get plenty of guidance to improve on your own.

This self-paced course builds your skills in:

– Premiere Pro

– After Effects

After completing the course, you have a good foundation that allows you to practice further on your own. You might also discover a new passion through this course and decide to push yourself and apply to other motion graphics and film courses at a higher level. In this case, your newly-built software skills will come in handy. You can view your course progression options within this subject below.

Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Overview of Premiere Pro and core strengths
  • Interface and workspaces, getting your setup right
  • Project panel and source monitor
  • Managing the timeline
  • Importing, transcoding and organizing media
  • Working with clip and setting up a sequence
  • Trimming and transitions for basic narrative
  • Working with media (templates, resolution, file formats)
  • The power of audio (sound effects, music, and voice)
  • Working with graphics (stills and effects)
  • Working with motion and video effects through keyframing
  • Colour correction and effects
  • Importing and exporting with Premiere Pro
  • Working with titles
  • Exporting with Adobe Media Encoder

Adobe After Effects

  • Premiere Pro overview and strengths
  • Understanding interface and workspaces
  • Understanding compositions
  • Working with layers and layer effects
  • Importing and exporting with Premiere Pro
  • Working with timeline animation
  • Working with basic 3D techniques
  • Designing and animating text
  • Animating graphics
  • Tracking and compositing video
  • Motion graphics templates

This course is perfect for those who are brand new to the world of video editing and motion graphics.

Are your ideas and ambition bigger than your current software skills? This course is designed to help you bring those skills up to a level where you can create a video from the ideas that you have in your head, or in your sketchbook.

To complete the course – and all course assignments – you need to have access to Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects, Premiere Pro) 2020 or above. You can use Adobe's free 7-day demo to start with.

  • 10 video-recorded classes and assignments
  • Language: English
  • 30 hours (estimated) to complete the course and all assignments
  • Self-paced; study and practice at your own speed
  • Checklists to verify your progress throughout the course
  • Course certificate upon completion
  • On-Demand, start whenever you want
  • Software license not included
  • Feedback on assignments not included
  • Credit card payment and instant enrollment
  • Price incl. vat: 5000 SEK
  • Price excl. vat: 4000 SEK

This course offers you basic software knowledge and it qualifies you for a series of design courses at a higher level at Berghs School of Communication. Below is a list of possible courses to progress with, and some fee reductions to help you do so.

FULL-TIME international courses taught in English

Apply after completing Video Basics, improve your chances to enroll, and get your tuition fee reduced by 1000 SEK.*

FULL-TIME studies (YH) taught in Swedish

Apply after completing Design Basics and improve your chances to pass the selection. No fee reduction applies.

*Terms and conditions

The discount can be claimed only after you have completed your automated software course and it applies only to the course you are progressing onto. Check out the terms and conditions here.

How good do I become?

Mastering the software requires many years of practice. This course gives you an introduction and challenges you with practical exercises to understand the basic functions.

When can I start? 

The course is video recorded and self-paced. This means you can start when you want and progress at your own speed. It’s On-Demand. 

What platform do I learn on? 

The course runs on Canvas, Berghs’ learning platform, where all video classes, assignments, and checklists are provided. You access the course room on Canvas directly after payment and can start the course immediately. There is no need to install any client, all you need is a browser – and the design software, of course.

Is there any technical support along the way?

The course is fully automated. Should you need any assistance, Berghs offers technical support for troubleshooting during office hours on Central European Time.

Is there any feedback on assignments? 

The course is fully automated and does not include a feedback session.

After the course, am I guaranteed to get into other design courses at Berghs?

It depends on the level of the course you choose. This course does qualify you for a START-level design course at Berghs. It’s a good complement to your application to a PROFESSIONAL-level course, but you also need some work experience at that level. And finally, it does not qualify you for one of Berghs’ full-time programs  – where the selection process is complex – but it might give you the tools you need to work on your entry assignment. 

Do I get a discount if I enroll in another course after learning the software? 

That’s right. The software course is a starting point, and we encourage you to continue your design education at Berghs by offering you a fee reduction worth 1000 SEK. The discount applies if you enroll in one of the courses listed under “course progression options” within one year from the date on which you complete the software course. Check terms and conditions here.

Can I use free software trials for this course?

Yes! but they expire quickly. The software comes with different types of licenses and subscription options, you might want to learn the basics before you commit to one or the other. If you do not have any software license, just choose a free 7-day trial on adobe.com when you start the course. After that, you can choose your preferred subscription plan and complete the course at your own pace.

How many hours is this course?

The course consists of 10 video-recorded classes, their length varies between approximately 15 and 45 minutes. Some classes include assignments and are therefore more time-consuming than others. We estimate that you can complete the course in approximately 30 hours, including initial tutorials, software setup, creative work, exercise submissions, checklists, etc. Please note that the course is self-paced, you decide how much time you want to invest in the course. The more you practice, the better you get. The quality of your work will reflect your level of ambition.

How long does it take to complete an automated software course? 

This is a self-paced course, you can complete it within a week or stretch it over months, as you prefer. Our recommendation is that you complete the course within 4 weeks, taking classes every few days and regularly practicing by doing assignments in between classes. 

Do I get a certificate?

Yes. Upon completion of the course, Berghs School of Communication issues a course certificate with your name. In order to obtain the certificate, you need to complete all quizzes and submit all assignments within the course.

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